La Terrazza del Pozzo Sacro


The Restaurant

La Terrazza del Pozzo Sacro

“The taste emotion, the tradition remembrance, the wonder of novelty, the influence of the landscape and an inspiration that looks far: this is the gastronomic experience that you can live in our Restaurant la Terrazza del Pozzo Sacro.”


The Restaurant

The Restaurant La Terrazza Del Pozzo Sacro propose a researched avant-garde gastronomic offer, with Menus signed by our Chefs Patron Massimiliano Villani and Luca Dell’Orto.

The land is the starting point of the gastronomic experience proposed from the Chefs, the research of the taste essence and simplicity of the final product.

Tradition and modernity are the pillars of the Chefs kitchen, which exalt the rich raw materials giving them the right respect and making them reach the guests palates.

The knowledge of the raw material matching with the use of different sauces, values and exalts every single ingredient.

The Menu of the Restaurant follows the rhythm of the seasons and vary with them.
Every time gives a different experience, always new and suggestive.

La Terrazza dell’Hotel Pozzo Sacro has an elegant style, refined and romantic, with large internal spaces and a spacious terrace where you can admire a beautiful panorama.


The winery

Food and wine, tradition and innovation: to the discovery of the authentic flavours of Sardinia

The land is the starting point of the food and wine experience, the tradition is the connection to discover the authentic flavours, the choice of raw materials of the land is a combination to the innovative techniques of the modern kitchen. The final goal of the food and wine ‘’trip’’ to discover the Island of Sardinia.

The winery guards wine bottles, carefully selected by our Chefs. The location tells the story of an ancient land combined to the modern philosophy of the Chefs, a kitchen always careful respecting the raw materials, the environment and the sustainable in all the aspects.

A special dinner in the historical winery in the Hotel, is for sure one of the most suggestive experience to enjoy at Pozzo Sacro, a fascinating location that offers a traditional atmosphere, romantic and refined.