The Monument Pozzo Sacro Sa Testa - Hotel Pozzo Sacro, Olbia


The Monument Pozzo Sacro Sa Testa

Hotel Pozzo Sacro is named after the archeologic monument Pozzo Sacro Sa Testa. Pozzo Sacro is one of the most characteristic sites in Gallura, a sacred place where in ancient times water cult rituals were practiced. The place was chosen from the Nuragic people to honour the Gods of the Water. The external plan reminds of a door lock, and it’s the symbol of a door between this world and the other.

Within the sacred area some very important archeologic finds were found, such as jewellery, and a small dagger with a bronze hilt; part of the small statue was embedded in the stone blocks and is now the hotel’s logo.

Pozzo Sacro is situated not far from the City Centre and is easy to reach taking the panoramic road Olbia-Golfo Aranci. The site is managed by Olbia’s Town Hall and is open to visitors with free access; you can find several information signs with explanation.