Olbia - Hotel Pozzo Sacro, Golfo Aranci



The City of Olbia, Terranoa in Sardinian dialect, has been the ancient capital of the Giudicato di Gallura, and the first bishopric. Olbia is today the most important cultural and economic centre of the north-east of Sardinia. In the city centre and its surroundings, it is possible to admire interesting archeologic monuments, from the Neolithic to the roman emperor age, telling the story of the City, for example Pedres Castle, San Simplicio’s necropolis, the Church of San Paolo, the Giant Tomb of Su Monte e ‘Ape.
Nearby the historical centre we find the Basilica of San Simplicio, dating back to the XI century, built in Romanesque style, is probably the most important monument of Gallura.